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Frequently Asked Questions

How does First Nations Credit's service work?
First Nations Credit uses the laws that govern the credit reporting industry to the consumer's advantage. We will attack the creditors and the bureaus to validate they have complied with all laws. It is these disputes that cause the negative information disputed to be removed.
How long does it take?
The average profile is complete in 4 – 6 months but the contracted period for service is 12 months.
Can all negative items be removed?
It is unlawful for anyone to guarantee the removal of any item on your report. However, the law gives you the right to dispute any particular item and if the bureau and/or creditor can't validate that it complied with all governing laws that item can be removed.
When do I pay for service?
Nothing is paid in advance. Approximately every 30 days you will receive responses to the disputes mailed to you directly from the bureaus. Those are to be forwarded to First Nations Credit via direct upload to your account, fax, or mail. In addition, once monthly First Nations Credit will request a fresh report from the consumer credit service you subscribe to (ie: to validate all work done. At that point an invoice is created and emailed to you.
What form of payment do you accept?
We require all clients to complete an electronic check agreement to process payments when they are due. Clients always receive advance notice of payments and have the ability to determine when they are processed. Balances must be paid in full prior to any additional work being done.
How will I know what has been done?
Both the updates mailed by the bureaus and/or the credit reports will validate the work done. These will be posted to your account online for you to view at any time.
Can items removed come back?
It is rare but if the creditor and account that First Nations Credit caused to be removed or updated returns we will attack it at no cost. However, if the account was sold to a different collection agency it is not covered and requires additional payment based on the posted fee schedule.
How much can I expect my score to increase?
It is unlawful for anyone to promise or discuss the impact of this service on your credit scores. They have as much to do with the positive items on the report as they do with the negative items that may be removed.
What if I have a question?
Call the number listed above if you have any questions.

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