What Do Our Clients Have To Say?


I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the work your company is providing me.  My credit scores have increased tremendously; and I have actually been approved for several credit cards since beginning your credit repair!  Now I can rebuild my credit, increase my revolving accounts, and buy another home next summer.  I didn’t think it was possible but thanks to First Nations Credit it truly is obtainable.

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Lisa P

Thank you for all your help my credit score is really improving.

Angie L

Thanks for all you are doing. My main goal is to get my credit score up in the 700 or higher. I see that I’m getting very close, thanks to  First Nations. I will continue to do just what you say in order to clear my records.

Thank in advance,

Catherine G

I recently got my credit cleaned up. It was in really bad shape! I used a company called First Nations Credit because a friend of mine told me about them and said that they really worked and he used them to clean up his credit. 

Jane T

I just wanted everyone to hear this!  I am a retired Pharmacist and because of some misleading information from a doctor’s clinic that I rented space for my second pharmacy, long story short, I lost 1.6 Million from this pharmacy adventure! Wow!  But, Thank God, I found First Nations Credit! What a professional, caring company, loaded with colleagues with the same philosophy!  Took my credit score from Low 500’s to my current score of 717!  It’s like being let out of jail!

Thanks to First Nations Credit, I now have my life back!

Bill A.